The Forgotten Tribe

A richly textured piece that is  mysterious and moody to beautifully grand, this music takes the listener on an unusual journey. From the Southwest deserts to the deepest jungle, this music is about the world’s forgotten tribes who, down through history, have only desired to live their lives in peace.

Listen to our short 2-3 minute audio samples now…  full length of tracks are noted in track listing.
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THE FORGOTTEN TRIBE - Full Digital Download
THE FORGOTTEN TRIBE - Full Digital Download
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Track 1. Spirit Of The Dawn (3:03)

Track 2. The Forgotten Tribe (11:50)

Track 3. Jungle Dance (3:20)

Track 4. The Forgotten Tribe – reprise (7:36)

Track 5. Illumination (2:15)

Track 6. Towards The Sun (8:55)

Track 7. The Home Stone (6:52)

Track 8. Velvet Darkness (3:28)

Track 9. Towards the Sun – reprise (3:43)