About Ed Van Fleet

Ed Van Fleet is a music composer with 25 albums to date. His recordings have sold over two million copies, with his disc “Grand Eagle” selling over 500,000 units. Ed’s early musical roots were with heavy rock and funk. Before embarking on his solo career, he was a bassist & guitarist in rock bands in the Southwestern US.  After opening Synchestra Studios in Phoenix, AZ he was introduced to gentler and therapeutic forms of music.  Ed soon found himself creating musical landscapes with ambient atmospheres and lush orchestrations.  Luckily he found an eager audience yearning for this peaceful and uplifting style of music.

A multi-instrumentalist, Ed plays nearly all the instruments on his cds. He has created soundtracks for 17 films and documentaries, including “Moonshot” commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.
Ed Van Fleet at the piano
Ed’s music has also been featured at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.   In 1990 he pioneered the concept of the in-store interactive listening display and received his first patent on this technology in 1994.

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  1. Rebecca Kirchgessner says:

    Came upon a video on youtube and recognized the name and the music.
    Congratulations on your success and your music is beautiful, as it always
    was from many years ago with Borealis.
    Life is good with us..loving retirement.

  2. Steve says:

    Been listening to you for 25 yrs. First time I heard your music was at a listening kiosk in Mackinaw City MI. It was Migration, bought the cassette and I’ve been hooked ever since. I own almost all your cds now. Absolutely love em. Every time I listen to Migration it feels like I’m standing in the store as a kid at the kiosk. Thank you for the amazing music.

  3. Don Jacobs says:

    Your music has a majestic sense of melodic awareness that most instrumental works of this type fall short of. I’m particularly fond of Daydreams, which never for a moment leaves the sky. Glad that you’re still weaving new songs!

  4. Edwin Balder says:

    Dear Ed; I went to the Phoenix studio so so long ago..a less then talented guitar player with some tunes I lived..you and your partner I learned could take what was given and make it into wonder. Strange how soon after doing tax shelter recordings, to pay my way, let me have more time at “the Studio” and you flowed with that ridiculousness with an openness no other talent as grand as yours would seem to want to touch…but you made it happen. I have been very successful in music as well as in Patents and glad you hold one..it is a rush! My off spring have gone on to wonderful musical destinations as well with a band Midtown social out of Frisco. I see their recording sessions on you tube and flash back to my youth and my Mentor Ed spreading inspiration even under the worst conditions of talent to work with..I think of those days as my best ..and thank you for them..Edwin H. Balder

  5. Wade Gordon says:

    Ed, this is Wade From FLorida. I now have my own fm radio station. I used to play your music on my radio programs. I spoke to you the last time on the phone when you were at a mall selling your christams album…. I am in cocoa fl

  6. jennifer says:

    Hi there! I have a cassette copy of Daydreams from 1983! I have kept it until this day – but luckily today I got your music as a download! I’m so happy I found you again! This is one of my all time favorites.

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