Light This

Here’s an upbeat, spacey, wonderfully diverse piece of musical joy! For Ed, “Light This,” is pure performance bliss – this is his style. Melodic and mesmerizing, with soaring lead guitar, big drums and his signature keyboards. This is dramatic music that reverberates with the listener… it sounds perfect and complete. We are sure you will love it!

Listen to our short 2-3 minute audio samples now…  full length of tracks are noted in track listing.
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LIGHT THIS - Full Digital Download
LIGHT THIS - Full Digital Download
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Track 1. Sunray (6:22)

Track 2. Til Then (5:26)

Track 3. Light This (3:53)

Track 4. Daydream (2:21)

Track 5. The Rising (8:22)

Track 6. Reflections (3:05)

Track 7. On To Eden (8:04)

Track 8. Responder (5:09)

Track 9. Skyward (4:40)

Track 10. The Dreamers (4:51)