Grand Eagle

The Indians of the northern forests and the majesty of eagles in flight.  These are the themes of our best seller.  Over 500,000 copies of Grand Eagle have been sold.  If you are new to Ed Van Fleet’s music, this is a great place to start.

Listen to our short 2-3 minute audio samples now…  full length of tracks are noted in track listing.
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GRAND EAGLE - Full Digital Download
GRAND EAGLE - Full Digital Download
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Track 1. Before Dawn (2:49)

Track 2. The Fire Of Joy (4:21)

Track 3. Gathering Tribes (5:09)

Track 4. Sunderwater (5:17)

Track 5. Children Of The Clouds (6:54)

Track 6. Santa Fe (4:54)

Track 7. Early Summer (2:35)

Track 8. Thunderhead (5:03)

Track 9. Buterfly Stream (5:48)

Track 10. Grand Eagle (6:19)