Golden Angelica

This is  a selection of some of Ed’s most popular songs. The music ranges in mood from peaceful and introspective to joyful and celebratory.  We know you will enjoy this collection of twelve of the best musical works by Ed Van Fleet.

Listen to our short 2-3 minute audio samples now…  full length of tracks are noted in track listing.
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GOLDEN ANGELICA - Full Digital Download
GOLDEN ANGELICA - Full Digital Download
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Track 1. Aurora – from “Migration” (2:07)

Track 2. The Fire Of Joy – from “Grand Eagel” (4:21)

Track 3. Celebration Of Life – from “Visions Of Spring” (5:14)

Track 4. On A Spanish Train – from “Fire Journeys” (6:33)

Track 5. The Land Of Midnight – from “The Light Of Midnight” (7:15)

Track 6. Golden Angelica – from “The Light Of Midnight” (3:22)

Track 7. Pegasus – from “Fire Journeys” (5:59)

Track 8. Forever Onward – from “Horizons” (6:38)

Track 9. Lady Of The Stream – from “Evening Passages” (7:10)

Track 10. Prayer For The Ocean – from “Oceans” (4:14)

Track 11. Canyons – from “Migration” (10:58)

Track 12. Grand Eagle – from “Grand Eagle” (6:19)