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Daydreams – The Music of Ed Van Fleet


Electric and acoustic guitars, lush strings and percussion create an uplifting and emotionally satisfying experience. “Daydreams” is joyous and playful, while “Journey of the Spirit” is contemplative and bittersweet.

Listen to our short 2-3 minute audio samples now…  full length of tracks are noted in track listing.
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DAYDREAMS - Full Digital Download
DAYDREAMS - Full Digital Download
Includes high quality MP3s of each song along with all the cover art and liner notes included in the CD package. Your download link will be delivered by email.
Price: $10.00

Track 1. Daydreams, Part I (6:28)

Track 2. Daydreams, Part II  (5:50)

Track 3. Daydreams, Part III (11:09)

Track 4. Journey of the Spirit (23:54)